Hi There, I'm Naufal

A Software Engineer mainly focuses on mobile applications. I have more than a year of experience working as a Mobile Developer (Flutter). I am also interested in backend technology and looking for opportunities for the role. Skilled in working as a team in building projects. I also have an interest in Data Science and Machine Learning.

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My Projects

Doctor Booking App

Booking Doctor App

Simple doctor ordering app built with Flutter (Only Interface).

EatAja Customer App

EatAja Customer

EatAja is a food ordering service using QR code technology. EatAja customer built with Flutter and Laravel for the backend process.

EatAja Mitra App

EatAja Mitra

EatAja is a food ordering service using QR code technology. EatAja mitra app are intended for the partners. EatAja mitra built with Flutter and Laravel for the backend process.

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Pornography Detection App

This application can detect images that indicate pornography.

Telkom Kujang

Telkom Kujang Admin Web

Information system application for internet resource management. Intended for the Telkom Kujang Bogor.

EatAja Web Order

EatAja Web Order

EatAja is a food ordering service using QR code technology. EatAja web order built with Ionic Angular and Laravel for the backend process.

Ionic Angular
Sides Kebuyutan

Information System Kebuyutan Village

This app built with Wordpress and PHP codeigniter for the admin site.


Donorun App

This app helps people who need blood donation and people who like to donate blood.

React Native

Teamplay is a sports venue reservation service and a platform that allows users to create a sports game that can be played with other users.

Teamplay .


My Resume


2017 - 2021
Telkom University

Computer Engineering

Related Course: Basic Software Engineering, Database Design, Information Tech. Strategic Planning, Mobile Programming, Machine Learning

Organizational Experiences: Lab. Assistant Coordinator of SEA Laboratory.


November 2021 - Now
PT. Entrepreneur Trust Digital

Front End Developer Consultant of Bank Raya (Flutter)

  • Built an app for opening a Raya Bank account with Flutter.
  • Collaborates with designers, project managers, and other developers within and across teams.
  • Collaborate with QA on manual testing to make sure our app releases are always worthy of five-star ratings.
  • Bridging the app with internal products or partners of Bank Raya such as Pegadaian to create apps to help their customers for opening Raya accounts.
  • Upgraded app with clean code architecture using Domain-Driven Design, MVVM pattern, reusable UI components, state management, and faster performance.

Tech Stack and Tools used: Jira, Flutter Web, Flutter Mobile, Figma, Kubernetes, GCP, Git.

November 2020 - Januari 2022
  • Create a mobile application on the EatAja customer app using the Flutter framework.
  • Worked with backend developer to integrate REST API and also with UI/UX designer to implement into the app.
  • Develop the app using BLoC pattern. Also implemented Cubit and Provider State Management
  • Develop the applications from requirements to production release on the Google Play

Tech Stack and Tools used: Flutter, Trello, Figma, Git.

Skills and Achievements🥇❤️💯😅

Technical Skills: Flutter, NodeJS, MySQL, PHP, Docker, Git VC, ReactJS, TailwindCSS.

Achievements: Champion AWS Build On ASEAN 2021, Top 100 Best Innovillage Sociopreneurship, Participant of Shopee Code League 2020, Most Lovable Team Indigo Hackathon Festival 2021.

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